Lunar Wolff's faves: the best podcast tips during quarantine

Quarantine is not over yet (unfortunately) and so we are forced to entertain ourselves at home! Podcasts entered our society some time ago, and it is now impossible to imagine life without this form of entertainment. Although multi-tasking often turns out to be ineffective, it certainly works with a podcast. While you're tidying or cleaning your house, you're traveling, or doing your make-up, you can listen to a podcast in the meantime. So win-win! Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent times. It is therefore logical that the podcast offer has expanded, which is a luxury in itself, but which also makes it more difficult to choose. That's why we've listed our podcast tips per genre for you!

Ask me anything | BNR: every day a new, topical subject is central. You can app, email or call questions, and experts on the subject will answer them for you. From the Corona virus to euthanasia, racism and stress. Sounds good, but very interesting!
University of the Netherlands : scientists answer high-profile questions!
Business of HYPE : inspiring people are interviewed every week about their successes.
TED Talks Daily : who doesn't know the TED talks? Inspiring and educational, never enough of it!

Lifestyle and health
Self-podcast : Jaap Reesema and Sander Schimmelpenninck discuss life and don't take themselves and the world around them too seriously.
Yous & Yay: New Emotions : Sef and Pepijn Lanen (Faber Yayo) talk to a diverse range of inspiring people.
Wild hairs the podcast : from everyday subjects, to music and culture. This podcast discusses the world of today, with guests from all over the world.
The avocado generation : in the category "nice to listen to", Lotte, Sarah and Laura talk about everything that concerns millennials in this podcast.
30 minutes raw by Ruud de Wild : Ruud interviews special people, and in 30 minutes asks all the questions you want to know, but perhaps never dared to ask yourself. It has not been cut, the conversation starts upon arrival and after 30 minutes the alarm goes off and the conversation is over.
FunX base : this podcast updates you weekly about what has happened in the field of culture in the past week.
Nandoleaks: real talk podcasts : no bullshit in Nandoleaks. In his candid interviews you hear people's real stories.
CONVO talk show : Defano, Armin and Yuki share the latest news, interviews and inspiration in all areas: from hip-hop/R&B to fashion, sports and entertainment.

The Vocabulary Podcast : Veronica speaks with rappers and producers from the Vocabulary Playlist. You hear the story behind the artist and the music.
Song Exploder : artists share how they came to their music, step by step.

True crime
Perpetrators : have you always been curious about what can incite people to commit serious crime and/or murder? The podcast offenders leaves nothing to the imagination: offenders tell their own story.
Coke fishermen : when a large load of cocaine is discovered in a fishing cutter from Urk, unrest arises in the strictly Reformed village. A crime journalist investigates and discovers that all is not as it seems...
Laura H. : this podcast tells the impressive story of Laura H., “the caliphate girl from Zoetermeer”. Exciting every minute!
The trunk murder : In 2017, Ralf Meinema's corpse is found in the trunk of his Mercedes. To this day, the murder remains unsolved, but his parents, family and friends want clarity...

Hopefully the above list will help you move forward. Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments! And we're not done sharing our favorites yet. Next week we'll be sharing our favorite series of tips, so stay tuned!



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