hey ,

We are two friends: I sabelle and Suzanne , and together we set up Lunar Wolff: a jewelery brand from Amsterdam, which originated from a great passion for jewellery.

With our study background of Applied Psychology and our personal characteristics, we are the perfect team. The well-organized and always honest Isabelle ensures that everything goes according to plan. She is also involved in marketing (advertising) and all textual content. Suzanne 's curiosity and creativity ensure that we always have the latest and coolest designs ready for new collections on time and she arranges for this to be realised. She also ensures that your package always reaches you on time! Want to know even more about us? Then read our Get to Know the Team blog by Suzanne & Isabelle .

We saw a need for personal jewelry with a meaning , and this is what we want to offer. Each piece of jewelry has its own story, which makes each of our pieces special. Lunar Wolff jewelry is of good quality, you can wear it for a long time.

We stand for diversity , and want to make sure that everyone finds the piece of jewelry that suits him or her, or the person to whom the piece of jewelry is being given as a gift . Lunar Wolff's jewelry is jewelry with a personal meaning , which is worn with pride . They are meant to give you more power !

Lots of love,

Lunar Wolff