Zodiac signs: do you feel connected to aries (ram) season?

Horoscopes and astrology: hate it or love it. Some people think it's sheer nonsense; others feel connected to it. Whether you actually believe in it or not, people have been studying zodiac signs and astrology for centuries. In this section we take you into the zodiac sign of the season every month!


March 21 to April 19


Ruling planets

Matching gems
Apache tears obsidian , carnelian , diamond , garnet , heliotrope , hematite , ruby ​​, red jasper & sardonyx .

An Aries is pleasant company. It's never boring with an Aries around you: Aries are spontaneous, lively and enthusiastic. They are open to new challenges. In fact, they love a challenge! Freedom is very important to them. Aries are independent, and really like to do things their own way. An Aries has a strong will, which means that they don't always go well with authority.

Aries are honest and direct, so you always know what you're getting from them. They will tell it like it is, even if you don't want to hear the truth. Aries have an all-or-nothing mentality: they go one hundred percent for you, but when they're done with you, they completely remove you from your life. If an Aries cares about you, they will always be there for you, through good times and bad. This shows their loyalty; Rams are incredibly loyal.

Lesser properties
Rams prefer to do things their own way, and can therefore come across as stubborn and contrary, and in some cases even pushy. Rams can sulk and bummed like a child, if something doesn't go their way.

An Aries doesn't shy away from a new challenge, but their own impatience can get in the way: it never goes fast enough for an Aries. As a result, their new challenges are often quickly over. They are easily bored, which means that they are not easily satisfied. They are therefore real 'doers': they do first, and only then think.

Although Aries can be stubborn and impatient, they are incredibly loyal people. A ram in your circle of friends is definitely a good addition!

NB: the description of the linked personality to certain zodiac signs in this section is only general, and to go into this more concretely and in depth, several factors must be looked at. Full recognition is therefore not a must! ;)

Do you feel connected to your zodiac sign or do you think it's nonsense? Let us know in the comments! Do you have any other questions? Then you can always send an email!



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