12 original things you can do at home during quarantine

In this bizarre period in which we have ended up, it is really best to stay home as much as possible, except for our hardworking toppers in the vital sector of course. But how do we get through the period at home? We have listed 12 original tips for you!

tips to do at home during quarantine

  1. Keep a diary of your quarantine period. It is a bizarre time, something we have not experienced before and something we will not soon forget. Although the memories will fade, and in a few years you really won't remember exactly what you did every day. How special is it if you keep a diary of this period, so that you can see exactly how you got through this period?
  2. And if you don't like writing: make a video and share how you experience this period. Nice for yourself for later!
  3. The memory of our phones keeps growing, and over the years we accumulate a shitload of photos. While you have the time: turn it into a photo book . This way your most beautiful photos do not disappear somewhere deep in your phone or laptop, but you can see them more often.
  4. Think back to what you used to do as a kid when you had nothing to do. Did you start painting then? To draw? Read? Go do that again!
  5. Make your own cookbook with all your favorite recipes! This way you don't have to look up everything online every time, but you have everything at hand.
  6. And speaking of cooking … This is the time to further develop your cooking and baking skills, even - and perhaps especially - if you don't have them yet! Tip: there are countless (easy) videos on Youtube, which explain step by step how to make the most delicious dishes.
  7. Start Investing . Although the economic period is not very good, now may be a good time to start investing. Start by delving into it, maybe this is something for you!
  8. Listen Podcasts . Soon we will write a blog with our favorite podcast tips, so stay tuned!
  9. Start learning a language . How often do we talk about wanting to learn another language? Now's the time! Duolingo is a super handy app that you can use for this.
  10. Get your wardrobe ready for summer . Spring has arrived and even though we can't go outside too much, you can already get started organizing your closet. All winter coats and thick sweaters out, and summer clothes in!
  11. And although it is not smart to book a holiday in the coming months, it certainly does not hurt to plan a holiday in advance. Where would you like to go and with whom? And what do you want to do there?
  12. And the last, and perhaps the best tip: don't feel rushed to be productive 24/7 during this period as well. Right now it's totally okay to do nothing for once, to rest, so that you can get back to work fully charged after this period!

Hopefully you will get through the quarantine time with the tips above! And for our hardworking toppers: good luck, without you we wouldn't make it. Stay safe everyone!



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