Interview: Lavils

Lavil's Interview Wolff Jewellery

In this section we interview inspiring people: how did they get to where they are today, and what can they give others? Today: Lavils (18). This handsome beauty including a beautiful name is only 18 years old, can sing beautifully and has already released several songs. Time to get to know her better!

Who are you and where are you from?
I'm Lavils, I'm from Rotterdam and I'm 18 years old. I am currently in my last year of Havo. My hobbies are editing and singing and I also work in a restaurant. I am also a huge fan of Jhene Aiko. She's my spirit animal..

Lavil's Interview Wolff Jewellery

You are really doing great with your (singing) career! How has this developed in recent years?
I started singing when I was four years old. I grew up with music, my father was a musician, so I heard a lot of music at home. I often went to my father's performances. When I turned twelve I secretly created my own Instagram account and posted videos in which I sang covers. I got such nice reactions to that. When I was thirteen, my father bought a microphone. I happened to get a Macbook for my birthday, which had the Garageband app on it. From then on I started recording a lot of mash-ups, one of which I shared on Soundcloud: 'She don't x One dance'. This also worked out well. After this I was discovered by a producer who I was good friends with at the time, and he made a remix. And that's actually where it all started. I was fifteen at the time, by the way. After that I kind of had a two year break, because I didn't really know what I wanted. I was working with a good friend, Nerra, from Brocode at the time. He sent me songs that I could put my verses on. It wasn't really serious, but that's how I learned to write. Then, when I was seventeen, I released my first song, 'Nek je die'. It was more of a freestyle, but I decided to release it anyway. In the end, that's what my followers have been waiting for all this time. In 2019 I released seven songs, and the month of June even four releases. And since then my career has been booming!

So cool, really good job. What does singing mean to you?
Singing means everything to me. Everything. I'm really thankful that I can do something with this. That I can use my voice to express my feelings and share it with the outside world.

Have there been events in your life that have had a major impact on the person you are today?
There is never just one event that made you who you are. I personally think that everything I've been through has taught me a kind of 'lesson', made me who I am today. All types of relationships and all types of experiences.

Lavil's Interview Wolff Jewellery

Do you have a life quote that suits you well?
My life quote is 'I don't force nothing, what's meant for me will always be.'

You have quite a few followers on social media. How do you try to use your reach on social media?
I try to use my reach on social media by just being me! The rest will come naturally...

Which piece of jewelery did you choose from us?
I asked which piece of jewelry would best suit someone who has a Scorpio zodiac sign, and I was advised to take The Stone of Balance (Aquamarine gemstone) or The Stone of Protection (Amethyst) necklace.

Are you a Scorpio yourself? And what value do you attach to this?
I value this very much! This is because I recognize myself very much in the characteristics of a Scorpio, and I'm very spiritual of myself. I'm very careful when it comes to my energy, so I think The Stone of Protection is a good fit.

What kind of jewelry would you like to see added to our collections?
Earrings would be really cool!

Dear Lavils, thanks for the interview. You're the best! We will continue to follow her anyway. Curious about her or do you want to see more of her? Then check her Instagram at @lavils_ . Here she shares singing videos, so don't miss out!


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