Lunar Wolff's faves: the best series of tips during quarantine

Now that it looks like we won't be able to do many social activities in the near future, we still have to keep entertaining ourselves indoors as much as possible. In our previous blog we shared all our best podcast tips, and today we also share our series of tips with you! The tips can be found on Netflix or Videoland (the real essential subscriptions during quarantine). Never Enough Series!

Good series
The 100: 97 years after a nuclear war, there are only 4000 survivors, from a space station orbiting above the Earth. 100 youths under the age of eighteen, convicted of a crime, are sent to Earth to test whether it is habitable.

La casa de papel
: the new season of the well-known series came online a few weeks ago, and this part is exciting as always!

Orphan black: The main character, Sarah, comes across a girl who looks exactly like her at the station. The moment she realizes this, the other girl jumps in front of the train. And that turns out to be just the beginning... From that moment on, more lookalikes of hers appear to be walking around. Exciting, all seasons long!

The Blacklist : The world's most wanted criminal turns himself in and offers to turn in everyone he's ever worked with...

The Stranger : Adam lives in peace with his family in Manchester, until one day he is approached by an unknown woman, who informs him that his wife faked her pregnancy ... After this news, Adam goes in search of the unknown woman.

Unorthodox : young Esty leaves New York's Jewish community behind. In flashbacks you see how stifling her life was before.

The Sinner : a young mother is spending the day with her family on a beach when the mother suddenly stabs someone to death. She herself says she does not remember why, but slowly but surely the truth emerges.

Mocro mafia: the quarantine hit has been Mocro Mafia. The crime series is set in Amsterdam, where the three main characters Pencil, the Pope and Romano control the entire cocaine trade in no time.

True crime documentaries
We know that there is a select group of people who enjoy true crime documentaries (including us), so we recommend this category especially for you.

Abducted in Plain Sight : This bizarre documentary is about a family that falls prey to a deranged, manipulative neighbor. Under the watchful eye of the whole family, both the man and the woman cheat with the neighbour, and one of the daughters is also abused and kidnapped by the neighbour. Throughout the series you fall from one surprise to another.

The Preppy Murder - Death at Central Park : In the 1980s, a half-naked woman lies in Central Park on an August summer morning. Although everyone immediately thinks of rape by a stranger, it soon turns out that the perpetrator is a good "friend" of hers. It is about Robert, a rich, handsome 19-year-old boy, who no one expected to be capable of such a thing. The lawsuit against him takes a bizarre turn when he hires one of the best lawyers.

Tiger King : Chances are you've heard about it lately, but if you haven't seen it yet, do so. mind blowing series...

The trial of Gabriel Fernandez : although we like true crime docu's, we actually went completely bad on this series. Not because the series is that bad, but because it literally hurts your heart. The documentary is about a couple on trial for their involvement in the death of Gabriel Fernandez, the son of the woman on trial. Bizarre abuses by the woman and her boyfriend preceded his death. Heartache so...

Feel good programs
And then there is always the list of programs that a large part of the people are completely fine with, and the other part is disgusted. Feel good or gloating: we certainly love to look at it.

Temptation Island : Four couples live separately on a sunny island, with a group of singles trying to seduce them. During the campfire, they see images of how their partner behaves surrounded by bachelors on another island...
Love Island : single men and women stay together in a villa for six weeks, without telephone and internet. Quarrels, drama, but above all a lot of love.
Ex on the Beach : All singles are on a dream vacation, but ex after ex pops up from the sea. Dramaaaaa…

Keeping up with the Kardashians : do we need to say more?

Love Is Blind: Is Love Really Blind? Love is blind is a love experiment where people start dating without seeing each other. Only when they decide to marry the person are they allowed to see each other.

Too hot to handle : a new series on Netflix, where singles spend a month together in a tropical location. After they have been there for a day, they are only given a rule: they are not allowed to kiss or have sex. Hilarious to watch!

With the tips above you can hopefully fill your time in quarantine again for the time being. Do you have any good series tips? Let us know in the comments!


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