Why do we love shiny jewelry so much?

People love shiny jewelry. Walk into a jewelry store or jeweler and you will be bombarded with shiny objects, and there are plenty of shiny jewelry online as well. But where does this love for shiny things actually come from?

The fact that people have a preference for shiny objects is not without reason, and the reason for this goes far back in time. People need water to survive, without water you can only last a few days. It is therefore not surprising that people in the distant past were keen on finding water to stay alive.

"The explanation can be found from the distant past."

So-called 'natural selection' (survival of the fittest) has ensured that mankind developed in such a way that people could recognize water more and more quickly. The surface of water is shiny and gives a sparkle, and when people used to look for water, they could recognize it by the shiny surface. Natural selection has led people to focus on recognizing water on the surface, which has evolved to such an extent that people today have a strong preference for objects that are shiny.

The joy associated with finding a place with water has led people to have positive associations with shiny objects. And this has developed so much that today we still associate a feeling of joy with shiny objects.

"We associate shiny objects with a sense of joy."

Of course, this is not the only reason for our love for shiny jewelry, but all in all, we can say that it's not surprising that we love wonderful, shiny jewelry. From now on you always have a valid argument to buy even more of this! ;)

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