Behind the Scenes: Shoot!

Scroll through your Instagram feed, and you'll see plenty of pretty, perfect pictures. At Lunar Wolff we always try to make beautiful content for you, so that we can show you our brand with images. But photos that sometimes seem very easy, require quite a bit of work! Last week we had a shoot, and in this blog you get a look behind the scenes!

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When a shoot is planned, the first step is the elaboration of the concept. Which jewelery should be depicted in which way? And what vibe do we want to convey? When this process is worked out, a second step is preparation. For example, models must of course be arranged, an MUA must be arranged, a photographer including camera and other supplies, a location, sufficient food and drink, and other items that must be present on the set.

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Fortunately, we have Carlijn in our midst, who can take beautiful pictures and has the right equipment to do so. For more of her work, check out her Instagram @bycarlijnhaveman ! We used our own network and our social media channels to arrange the models, and despite the fact that we were a bit late (two days in advance), we were still able to arrange beautiful models on time.


And then comes the day of the shoot itself. No matter how well you have arranged everything, something can always go wrong. For example, it was incredibly dark outside during our shoot, so we tried to create more light, as natural as possible, with lamps and reflection screens. When you shoot outside, this is of course also dependent on the weather. Rain and low light can then ensure that an entire shoot cannot continue. In addition, there is enough food and drink on the set key for a cozy atmosphere! ;)

photo shoot wolff jewelery jewelery amsterdam The end result! Check out our socials for more!

Ultimately, due to good preparation, beautiful models and a top photographer, we can look back on a successful shoot, where we shot new images with our necklaces, which you will soon see in our feed. Let us know what you think of the photos?!

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