Unique, personal jewelry with a story and meaning

Today there are countless jewelry to be found: in shops, online in webshops, at markets, at events and almost all major fashion brands include jewelry in their collections. In any case, the market is not lacking in jewelry. Jewelery can be found in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Something for everyone you would think, right? But there is also another side to this booming market: unique, personal jewelery seems to be disappearing. Jewelery seems to have less and less special value for people, and with Lunar Wolff jewelery we want to bring this back.

Although we are in favor of a diverse range of jewelry, there is also a downside. More and more jewelery is sensitive to trends: they are bought quickly and thrown away just as quickly. People wear out more and more jewelry faster and faster, and that is not only bad for the environment, but also a shame for all the work behind the production! And despite the fact that some jewelry is dirt cheap, it is also not very favorable for your wallet if you buy more and more jewelry faster and faster. For us, jewelry should be special items that you buy with a certain feeling or meaning behind it. And don't get us wrong: we absolutely believe that jewelry is a real must-have in your wardrobe, it completes your outfit and jewelry can make you feel more confident. But let this be jewelry that has a special meaning for you, or where there is a story behind it. Jewelry that you can and want to wear for a longer period of time, not because they are so expensive, but purely because they have a special meaning for you. This is not about the highest possible price tag, even if it is the cheapest ring on earth: wear it with pride if it has a special meaning to you!

All Lunar Wolff jewelry is jewelry with a meaning, with a story. For example, our first collection was all about gemstones: each stone with its own meaning and power, with its own story. Because each stone has its own shape, each stone is unique, and that also makes each of our jewelry unique. Our goal is to only offer you jewelry with a story or meaning behind it, so that we can retrieve the jewelry with value in this way. When you wear our jewelry, you wear a piece of jewelry with a special meaning or it reminds you of the person from whom you received the gift. What do you think? Do you think jewelry should have a special meaning? Let us know in the comments!

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