Our goals for 2019 (WIN A GIFT CARD WORTH 15 EURO!)

Dear you,

We at Lunar Wolff wish you all a very happy and loving 2019 (is it still possible?)! We are now almost in the second week of 2019, time flies! A new year is a good opportunity for many people to review the previous year and to set new goals for the year ahead. 2018 marked the start and build-up of Lunar Wolff for us, after months of hard work. To the outside world, everything may seem to be going smoothly, but we too have certainly had some setbacks. For example, the packaging was hardly on time for the launch, and our site was not always cooperative. When things go wrong or don't go the way you hoped, you naturally become creative in coming up with solutions. And so it is not only with Lunar Wolff, so it is in everyone's life. There will always be setbacks, so you better make the best of it!

At Lunar Wolff we have also been busy with our goals for the new year. First of all, we want to expand our collection, and many shoots and great collaborations are already planned. But in the end it's all about you! We are therefore curious, what would you like to see? Which jewelery do you want us to add to the collection? Which gemstones are you still missing? What kind of content do you like to see, and what kind of blogs would you like to read? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending an email , and if we receive more than 50 comments, we will raffle a gift card worth 15 euros among all the comments!

Lots of love,

Lunar Wolff


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Proglek December 19, 2020

Hallo creators van de prachtige kettinkjes !
In 2019 zou ik het heel leuk vinden om rond de zomermaanden een collectie enkelbandje te zien ! Verder heb ik niet heel veel verstand van gemstones to be honest, daarentegen is de informatie bij de sierraden wel heel duidelijk hoor. Qua blogs lijkt het me heel leuk om meer te lezen hoe het gaat on the inside. Hierbij valt te denken aan de inspiratie die jullie gebruiken of hoe iets gecreëerd wordt. Misschien hebben jullie hier iets aan.
Keep up the good work !
Liefs, Renske Draaisma
(Nog geen owner van een ketting, ik heb mijn vriend nog niet kunnen overhalen..)

Renske Draaisma January 06, 2019

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