5 x jewelry must-haves

It is no longer unknown that jewelery is an indispensable part of the fashion world, but which jewelery is really indispensable in every woman's collection?
Read in this blog the five jewelry must-haves that everyone should have!

1. Everyday jewelry
Sometimes you just want to go out casually, with light or even no makeup at all, and you don't want to wear big, shiny jewelry with it. Then it's so nice if you have a number of jewelry that you can wear every day, regardless of what you look like. Simple, minimalist jewelry is perfect for everyday wear. Even when you have a very busy outfit, these everyday jewelry can provide some peace of mind in your look. A real must-have!

2. Statement jewelry
Birthdays, events and special occasions call for statement jewelry: eye-catching, eye-catching jewelry that attracts attention. Your environment immediately looks at it, statement jewelry can actually strengthen your personality! But statement jewelry is not only suitable for special occasions, they can also give your simple outfit a boost!

3. Good glimmers
In the month of December, glimmers are indispensable anyway, but we think shiny jewelry is suitable all year round. We can be long or short about it, but who doesn't like shiny jewelry? At least one shiny piece of jewelry is therefore indispensable in your collection!

4. Watch
Although almost everyone has their phone in their pocket these days, it is still nice to have the time on your wrist in the form of a watch. And besides the fact that a watch is very functional, a watch can also be a real accessory. Silver, gold, rosé or colored, watches are now available in all colors and sizes. Beautiful watches can also be found in all price ranges! No excuse not to own a watch!

5. Jewelry with a meaning
Jewelry with a meaning is essential for us: we want to get rid of jewelry that is quickly bought and quickly thrown away, it is really nice to wear jewelry that has a story behind it, that has a personal meaning for you. And then it's absolutely not about the price or how the jewelry looks, if the jewelry has a meaning to you, you rock it anyway! Check out our collection to see the meaning behind our jewelry.

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