The biggest jewelry annoyances

Jewelery is an indispensable part of the fashion world today. The more often and more jewelry you wear, the faster you can become irritated. Because no matter how beautiful jewelry is, sometimes they are also quite difficult. Check out the biggest irritations in this blog, do you recognize them?

Jewelry that everyone has
When you arrive at work, it turns out that suddenly everyone is wearing the jewelry that you also have. Bit of a shame, but reality. Nowadays, more and more jewelery is sensitive to trends: jewelery is quickly bought and also quickly thrown away, and many people wear the same jewellery.

"Nowadays more and more jewelry is sensitive to trends."

At Lunar Wolff, every piece of jewelry is unique: every gemstone has its own, raw shape, which means that every stone is different, and therefore every piece of jewelry as well. We also try to make jewelry with a story behind it. This way you don't just wear something, you really wear a piece of jewelry with a meaning.

Jewelry that is difficult to put on and take off
Jewelry is indispensable, but let's face it: we all want jewelry to be easy to put on and take off. Secretly we are all a bit lazy, and how annoying is it if you can't put your bracelet on with one hand or if the closure is so difficult that you can't get it on at all?!

Jewelry that breaks easily
Many jewelery nowadays is of poor quality and breaks faster and faster. Have you scored a great piece of jewelry, it will break a week later. At Lunar Wolff we strive for good quality jewelry, all our jewelry is handmade.

"All Lunar Wolff jewelry is handmade."

Jewelry that gets tangled
When you go on a trip or go away for a night, you want to take your jewelry separately, because you simply don't want to or can't put everything on at once. You store them away, and upon arrival you have a hundred percent guarantee that they are completely tangled: very annoying. But with regard to this irritation, we have a good tip: Juna Amsterdam will soon be launching the travel case, a hip, leather case in which you can take your jewelery with you on a trip, without it getting completely tangled! Check them out on Instagram @juna_amsterdam or via their website !

Do you have any other annoyances about (wearing) jewelry? Share it with us in the comments!



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