Zodiac signs: do you feel connected to leo (lion) season?

Horoscopes and astrology: hate it or love it. Some people think it's sheer nonsense; others feel connected to it. Whether you actually believe in it or not, people have been studying zodiac signs and astrology for centuries. In this section we take you into the zodiac sign of the season every month!


“Being different is what I love.”

July 23 to August 22


Rule planet
The sun

Matching gems
Amber , rock crystal , carnelian , citrine , yellow jasper , garnet & tiger eye .


People with a Leo zodiac sign are optimistic, passionate and enthusiastic: they are the life of the party! A lion has a big heart for everyone close to him or her, and will therefore not replace you quickly. Leos are loyal, and always feel co-responsible for the happiness of their loved ones. Also, they will always protect them. You can rely on a lion: they are reliable and keep their promises.

It's never boring with a lion around you. With their charm they can win over anyone. They are persuasive and can persuade others to get something done. They are born leaders and are at their best when they are 'in charge'. Leos are honest and direct and can come across as harsh, but you always know what you're getting from them. They are keeping it real!

Lions are social animals. They are spontaneous, have a great need for contact with others, and find it important to be appreciated and to receive attention. They are also proud and confident, but can be sensitive and insecure inside. However, they will not easily show this to others. The optimistic nature of the lion makes them attractive to others. Setbacks don't faze them easily, and they focus on positivity.

Lesser properties

Leos are good-natured and can take a lot, until you go over their limit. And believe me, you would rather avoid an angry lion. An outburst of anger is not unknown to the lion.

Earlier we mentioned that lions like to be the center of attention and are born leaders, but sometimes they go too far and they really do everything to attract that attention. They can be noisy and make a drama out of the smallest things.

Still, a Leo's intentions are almost always good. A lion is a loyal friend and Leo's light up your room!

Disclaimer: the description of the linked personality to certain zodiac signs is only general in this section, and to go into this more concretely and in depth, several factors must be looked at. Full recognition is therefore not a must! ;)

Do you feel connected to your zodiac sign or do you think it's nonsense? Let us know in the comments! Do you have any other questions? Then you can always send an email.


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