Guest blog: getting stuck help

Help, I don't know what to do with my life...

Do you know that? I have, and so have many other women. Feeling like you don't remember for a while, but also that you have so many ideas with what you can do. Maybe a bit too many ideas or a case of choice overload. A bit contradictory, but still so recognizable.

Fortunately, there are handy ways to get there!

In this article you will get three things you can do if you feel stuck.


One of the most popular tricks of being stuck is indecisiveness. Don't make a choice and just wait for the right moment. But we are not a sleeping beauty. You don't want to sit around waiting for someone to wake you up from your sleep, because they won't come. The moment you choose you take the first step towards more clarity.

The nice thing about making decisions is that you already know what you want and should do. Only you don't, because there's a tiny part of you that's afraid of making the wrong choice. To make the choice easier, you can do the following: Ask a friend to make the choice for you. If you are not happy with the choice you will catch yourself making up arguments why you shouldn't do that. Then you know you have to try the other choice. If you completely agree with the choice, you often feel extra motivated to do it

2. Reflect

I used to always have a diary. At a certain point I stopped doing that, because I had more fun things to do like playing marbles. But after a whole journey of discovery to myself or my puberty, it started to gnaw. That dolphin diary from before had become a bit of my best friend and she was good at keeping secrets. I didn't know then how important it really is to write. What we tend to do more and more as we get older is… Think. And maybe sometimes just a little too much that we drive ourselves a little crazy. By writing down what you think you can clearly see if what you're in is really that heavy or if you're just bored for a while. It brings perspective.

Let me start by saying that starting to write is usually the hardest part, because where do you start. It's helpful to start with one of these questions: "What did I do last week?" , 'What am I thankful for?' and 'What new insight do I take with me?'

You sometimes get surprised with your own writer's gift.

3. Change

"So you've changed?!" Yes, I've heard that phrase many times. Sometimes in a positive sense, sometimes in a negative sense. Only I never really bothered myself, because I just liked the fact that I am constantly changing. There seems to be a crazy stigma attached to 'change'. Then you hear things like: "I'm still Jenny from the block!" Well, Jenny, I'm sorry. I hope that you will experience new things every time, which will make you think and act differently. It's more than okay to change. To grow out of people or places. To start a new path in your life.

Often you are stuck because you think your life is supposed to go a certain way. And that's it, life is super unpredictable. When you allow yourself not to judge your new choices or lifestyle, you will have the feeling that you are alive and not simply surviving in no time.

I hope that after reading this you realize that you are not alone in this period. You come out here again. Otherwise, I'll come and cheerlead you in person. Because, hello have you seen yourself?!

Everything will eventually become clear. And otherwise you make it clear because you are such a bad ass.

Virtual Hug, Ayesha

About Ayesha
I'm Ayesha Standar (instagram: @ayeshanoelle ), a habit coach for ambitious young women who want to reach their goals. Ever since I was little, I've had a fascination with what drives people and why people do what they do. Hence it was no surprise that I studied Applied Psychology.

I am a born and raised Amsterdammer with a dry sense of humour. I think it's important that people enjoy life. Don't just exist, live! I hope to achieve that by coaching women to break through their patterns and create successful habits. My coaching style is accessible, fun and solution-oriented.

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