New jewelry in the collection: chain necklaces and earrings

YAS! We have added new jewelry to our collections! Not only did we finally have earrings with gemstones, but we also added several basic chain necklaces.

Chain necklaces and figaro necklaces

Looking for a necklace that you can combine with everything? Our different chain necklaces are always good! They are available in silver, gold or multi-coloured (combination of gold and silver, because no, there is nothing wrong with that). Not only do the chains come in different colors, but you can also choose from different lengths and thicknesses. So there is something that fits everyone; not only for women, but also for men!

The chain necklaces are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a stronger metal than silver, so it is less likely to get scratched. It also shines beautifully and is smoother than silver. For the gold variants, a good form of gold plating has been used over the stainless steel. This gold plating remains beautiful for a very long time, even when the jewelry is worn daily. The choice of materials was therefore conscious and only provides benefits!

Gem stone earrings

One of the most requested products is the earring with gemstones. And of course we can't just ignore your wishes, so they are finally here! With these statement earrings you really finish your outfit. You can also endlessly combine our earrings with other jewelry from our collections. We love it!

Which jewelry do you still miss in our collection? Let us know and we'll be happy to get started! We are always open to new ideas.

Lots of love,

Susan and Isabelle

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