Zodiac signs: do you feel connected to cancer (lobster) season?

Horoscopes and astrology: hate it or love it. Some people think it's sheer nonsense; others feel connected to it. Whether you actually believe in it or not, people have been studying zodiac signs and astrology for centuries. In this section we take you into the zodiac sign of the season every month!


June 21 to July 22


Rule planet
The moon

Matching gems
Carnelian , chalcedony , moonstone , opal , rose quartz and emerald .

People with a Cancer zodiac sign have an incredibly strong intuition; they sense the energy in groups like no other. Although they can appear shy by nature, once you get to know them they are incredibly sweet, attentive and loyal. Caring is their thing. They can also easily empathize with others, they feel the emotions of others mercilessly. So there is no lack of empathy. A lobster's home is an important place to them, and they do everything they can to make their home a nice place. Family and friends are also very important to a lobster.

And while lobsters are incredibly caring towards others, they are also the king/queen of self-care. They make a distinction in dividing their time: they have time to be social, and they have time for themselves. They need that time for themselves to recharge. This time ensures that they are all the more cozy in social situations.

Lobsters are dreamers: they are open to new ideas and nothing is too crazy for them. They are therefore often creative. They are also quick to persuade with ideas from others. They are enthusiastic and have a sparkling personality.

Lesser properties
Because a Cancer thinks it's important to keep relationships good, they can avoid conflict. They do not always dare to be direct, which leads to them sometimes being disturbed, but not expressing it. Lobsters are introverts, and would rather keep their problems to themselves than share them with others. They don't want to burden others with this. This also ensures that they often talk to people, and therefore often change their opinion, so that they do not always come across as stable.

If you do something to a lobster, they will not easily forgive you. Lobsters have a hard time letting go of the past, partly because they are such introverts. This allows them to worry about situations for a long time.

Still, Cancer is one of the most attentive and loyal of the zodiac, making it a great personality to add to your friend group!

Disclaimer: the description of the linked personality to certain zodiac signs is only general in this section, and to go into this more concretely and in depth, several factors must be looked at. Full recognition is therefore not a must! ;)

Do you feel connected to your zodiac sign or do you think it's nonsense? Let us know in the comments! Do you have any other questions? Then you can always send an email.


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