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(Today in the blog I would like to introduce myself, Isabelle, but because telling a bullshit story about myself is not fun for anyone, I have handed over writing the blog to Suus for once.)
I, Suus, will do my best to provide you with a well-written piece today, as you are used to from Isabelle. So here we go!

After many pleasant blogs about mainly jewelry, it is now finally time to introduce ourselves. For two weeks the blogs were all about Get to know the team . Behind Lunar Wolff are two entrepreneurs, and today we introduce our Isabelle.

Isabelle, or Ies, is 23 years old and has been living on her own in Utrecht for several years now from her parental home in Tuindorp (Utrecht). Just like Suus, she is currently completing her education in Applied Psychology.

This hard worker is perfectionist, intelligent, organized and therefore very important within Lunar Wolff. With her critical eye and analytical skills, she takes care of all textual content (the blogs, the storytelling, etc), the marketing (online ads guru in the making), our Facebook and keeps an eye on the planning and agreements. She brings order to chaos and is always there for everyone!

Something you really should know about her, which others always find very funny is: Ies is afraid of birds. From chickens to pigeons, she doesn't want to know anything about it and always walks around it with an arc of at least 10 meters. Where she can be found close to, is the gym: she really likes strength training and kickboxing. She also travels a lot, so she often plans city trips and makes long trips to Asia. The sun makes her happy, likes to cook and listens to music (you should ask her about her Spotify playlist!).

Another fun fact: Isabelle remembers everything! Are you convinced of your opinion, but does Ies have a different one? Then you better stop, because she's right. She will always congratulate you, because she knows exactly when your birthday is, what you ate last Friday or what you said to her on October 10, 2017 during your lunch together.
If you ask her what she really hates, it's people who complain about everything, but do nothing to make it better. She also hates it when people lie and because of that you also know that Ies will always be honest with you. Not everyone always appreciates her honesty, because you know what they say: the truth hurts, but we experience this as a very good quality of hers. When no one dares to say anything, she doesn't hesitate for a moment.

Of course Isabelle also wears the Stone of Ambition (Carnelian) necklace. She thinks it's important to work towards goals, is very driven and undoubtedly gets the best out of her life.

With Suzanne's creativity and Isabelle's wit, the team behind Lunar Wolff is a top team! So we have also come to the end of the: Get to know the team blogs. What did you think? Comment below.

Do you have any questions for Ies? Or do you want to ask or share something else? Let us also know in the comments!

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