Get to know the team: Suzanne

Suus photo portrait
After many pleasant blogs about mainly jewelry, it is now finally time to introduce ourselves. So the next two weeks will be all about get to know us. Behind Lunar Wolff are two entrepreneurs, and today we kick off with our Suus!

Her full name is Suzanne Christina, but everyone prefers to call her Suus. This 21-year-old handsome is now completing her studies in Applied Psychology and lives in a beautiful house in Amsterdam. Suus loves to cook, eat good food, listen to music and drink coffee with family or friends. She absolutely does not like having to get up early, people who stare at her unsolicited for a long time or people who act unkind and bitter on the basis of nothing. The sun does make Suus very happy again, and she really wants to make another trip through Asia. An ultimate moment of happiness for Suus is when she drives to the beach with her friends in the car, to lie there all day in the sun.

Suus describes herself as a curious person who likes to observe and analyze, has a great sense of responsibility and finds humor important in her work environment. Her curiosity makes her want to try everything and always want to learn new things. Within Lunar Wolff, Suus is involved in devising and designing new collections, contact with the producer, the logistics part and, with her creative mind, often comes up with great ideas for our company. Occasionally her creativity expresses itself in a chaotic train of thought, and it sometimes happens that she forgets things because of this. For example, she often forgets to whom she has told which story, and she also often forgets the birthdays of people around her or mixes up birthdays. Don't you get a congratulations on your birthday? Don't worry, this is nothing personal! Suus is very involved in her environment and close friends, but it is better not to knock on her door for dates and birthdays.

Suus herself wears The Stone of Protection necklace (Amethyst). Her favorite color is purple, just like the color of the stone, and Suus likes to surround herself with nice people who have a positive vibe. In addition, the Amethyst stimulates a free spirit, and Suus thinks it is important to be open minded. Suus' advice to you is to always do what your heart desires in life. She thinks it's a shame to do something you don't like, and thinks the world would be a lot nicer if everyone did what makes them happy.

Do you have any questions for Suus? Or do you want to ask or share something else? Let us know in the comments!

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