7 x what you've always wanted to know about the history of jewelry

Jewelery can no longer be ignored in society, but jewelery was already widely used in a distant past. We have listed 7 fun facts about jewelry that you have always wanted to know for you! Did you know that…

… some of the first known pieces of jewelery were made from strung together stones, shells, bones and animal teeth?

… jewelry used to be worn as a status symbol for wealth and power?

… the ancient Egyptians were probably the first to use gold in their jewelry?

… signet rings used to be worn a lot by the Romans? They wore signet rings of various metals, such as gold, silver, bronze and lead, and actually used these rings to seal letters.

… jewelry in African culture was mainly used to indicate which tribe you belong to? This is still sometimes the case!

… jewelry in primitive civilization also often had a purpose? For example, they were used to keep clothes together!

… a lot of jewelry has been found in graves? In the past, many people were buried with their clothes and jewelry on, which belonged to the identity of the wearer. Jewelery was also sometimes placed next to the deceased or even specially made for life after death.

Today jewelry is still made and worn a lot, and this only seems to be increasing!


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