Behind-the-scenes: video and photo shoot new collection

Very, very soon our second collection will be released. Super exciting, and we have worked hard for this in recent months. We are very happy with the result and can't wait to show it to you. And good news: it won't be long now, this collection will be released on April 6th.

But a new collection naturally also includes new photos and videos. This weekend we started shooting the new collection. After arranging three top models ( @veerleredeker , @afromycaribbean and @isajouaou ) and cool locations, we were able to start.

A full day of shooting is always a long, tiring day, but also a very pleasant, educational and pleasant day. You can assume that something will undoubtedly go wrong, and that the planning will never go quite as you had in mind. For example, we had arranged to shoot two hours before opening time in a Toko in Amsterdam, but no one was there on arrival. We already had a tight schedule, but this led to a new challenge and an even tighter schedule. In the end we arranged that we could shoot last minute with a lovely man in the Asian Grocery Store Toko, and we still managed to shoot beautiful images. Despite the fact that something always goes wrong, you often look back on it afterwards with a feeling of satisfaction.

The models also play an important role during shooting. Not only do we hope that they look beautiful on screen, but it is also so much nicer to work with motivated girls with positive vibes. This weekend we were lucky enough to be able to work with super fun, spontaneous, pretty girls, who worked hard all day to achieve great results.

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