Zodiac signs: do you feel connected to gemini (gemini) season?

Horoscopes and astrology: hate it or love it. Some people think it's sheer nonsense; others feel connected to it. Whether you actually believe in it or not, people have been studying zodiac signs and astrology for centuries. In this section we take you into the zodiac sign of the season every month!


May 21 to June 20.


Rule planet

Matching gems
Agate , Aquamarine , Chalcedony , Citrine , Serpentine , Topaz & Tiger Eye .

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury and for good reason: where Mercury is the planet of childhood and youth, Gemini often exhibit youthful behavior. Geminis are the masters of flirting. Although they often don't even realize it themselves, they have a habit of always flirting with people around them. Geminis are attractive, kind and generous. They are also charming and have a strong influence on the atmosphere in groups.

People with the zodiac sign Gemini are often described as having a dual personality: their behavior in different situations is sometimes contradictory and Gemini is therefore sometimes difficult to assess for others. While they are smart, communicative and always ready for the fun , they can also be restless. Their dual personality is offset by their enormous adaptability, which allows them to get along with many different people.

Geminis tend to flutter from project to project, and need variety in their lives to keep them motivated. This is also the result of the busyness in their heads: all kinds of thoughts, ideas and questions rattle through their heads during the day. They are curious and want to know everything, but because their area of ​​interest is so wide, it is difficult for them to focus on the same subject for a long time. They like it when others challenge them, and they need it in relationships with others.

Gemini doesn't care about negative people. This costs them energy and they prefer to put that energy into one of their projects or into positivity. Geminis are also independent and mainly rely on themselves. They follow their own path, and freedom is one of the most important elements in their lives.

Lesser properties
Their enormous adaptability makes twins sometimes difficult for others to gauge. In one situation they think one thing, only to behave completely differently. As a result, their environment does not always know when they can count on them. They can also be moody and have a knack for taking it out on others.

Geminis are also good at manipulation. They talk a lot and like to talk and can get others to join them. They also know exactly how to use their charming attitude, sweet talk and external beauty to bend people to their will. They expect others to make enough time for them, and when this doesn't happen they can get angry easily.

All in all, the Gemini is the chameleon of the zodiac. Their adaptability is an exceptional and special feature.

“Never underestimate your power to adapt!”

Disclaimer: the description of the linked personality to certain zodiac signs is only general in this section, and to go into this more concretely and in depth, several factors must be looked at. Full recognition is therefore not a must! ;)

Do you feel connected to your zodiac sign or do you think it's nonsense? Let us know in the comments! Do you have any other questions? Then you can always send an email.

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