Guest blog: this is how you protect your home and body against negative energies

Everyone knows a place, person or situation that always leaves you weak, tired and gloomy after a visit. Maybe it's your parental home that you don't only have positive memories of, or it's a friend who always experiences life as very hard and always shares this with you, or maybe your own home doesn't always feel like a positive space where you can recharge and recover from the outside world. Whatever it may be, protecting your energy is essential to living a positive and powerful life.

There are several ways to protect yourself and your living space from those debilitating energies:

Stock up on gems and crystals

Everything in the universe is energy. Crystals and gemstones have an energy field just like us humans. By carrying crystals and gemstones with you and collecting them in your home, blockages in your energy field are resolved. Stones are used, among other things, to protect against negative energies, but they can also influence your energy. For example, wear rose quartz to open your heart to love, tourmaline to balance your body and mind or amethyst if you want to leave bad habits behind. The same goes for your living space. In addition to the fact that gemstones and crystals look beautiful in any interior, they also absorb all the negative energies that you take with you when you come home.

Fire white sage

Burning white sage cleanses both your mind and your home. Does your home no longer feel like that positive space where you can recharge after a long day? Then burning white sage may be the solution. Cleaning yourself and your home with white sage is also called smudging and you can do it in different ways. After burning white sage I am always left with a positive, relaxed and safe feeling. Keep an eye on! White sage can spark, so stick to it at all times and find out exactly how to do it first. Don't just experiment.

Start your day with meditation

Sitting with yourself in silence is a wonderful form of intimacy with your mind. By meditating regularly you really get to know yourself. And if you really know yourself, you can also protect yourself better against the outside world. Talk to yourself and ask what you need today, what emotions you feel and what kind of people and events you want to attract today. By starting each morning with meditation you give yourself the chance to reset your mindset. You are invincible if you start your day with awareness.

Set clear boundaries

Especially if you are already low in energy, it is important that you set clear boundaries for people who you know demand a lot of energy. Limit the time you spend with them, as bad as this may be. Sometimes it's important to choose yourself and not take care of others for a while! Can't you really get over it? Then agree with yourself that you will not be influenced by the negative vibes . It's easy to buy into someone else's negativity, so try to avoid it and stay positive. Just as they have the power to pull you into their negativity, you have the power to pull them into your positivity! Believe in yourself.

Hopefully these three ways will help keep the negative vibes out of your life. And don't forget: Be the energy you want to attract. Then nothing can go wrong.

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