Guest lecture on entrepreneurship and social media

Last week we gave a guest lesson at the SG Huizermaat secondary school in Huizen: a guest lesson about entrepreneurship, and increasing online visibility and findability. Today, good use of social media and online visibility is an indispensable factor for successful companies!

A few months ago we were asked by the organization Jong Ondernemen to give a guest lesson at a secondary school. They put us in touch with a teacher from SG Huizermaat in Huizen. This school offers a special business trajectory for students, which you can participate in from the fourth grade. Within this business trajectory, students set up their own company in groups within a year, which they do with the help of Jong Ondernemen. Because social media and online visibility are very important for this target group, we were asked to share our knowledge about this with them.

For example, we told how Lunar Wolff came into being, where we are now and what our plans are for the near future. In addition, we spent a large part of the guest lecture on the topics of online visibility and findability. Apart from the fact that the guest lesson itself was great fun to give, this target group in particular was also a fun challenge. It was the Friday afternoon before spring break, so you could sense that the students were really looking forward to going home. But because we were convinced that this was a very relevant subject for them, we tried to transfer our knowledge in an accessible way. And this worked! But in addition to the students learning from us, we have also learned from them. Precisely because we don't speak to 16 and 17 year olds that often, it was refreshing for us to hear what they thought about the topics. For example, we let them give feedback on our own Instagram page, which we also got something out of!

All in all a successful afternoon, with fun and smart students! Are you also interested in a guest lesson or training on entrepreneurship, online visibility and findability, social media or another similar subject? Send us an email!

PS: Did you know that our very first vlog is online? We give you a glimpse into our trip to Paris. For example, you can see the eiffel tower by night, and how we are being chased!


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