A weekend to The City of Love: Paris

The Netherlands is nice, but sometimes you just want to get away. We have done all our work for Lunar Wolff in the Netherlands so far, so we thought it was time for a different environment. And what better city could we choose for the weekend before Valentine's Day than the city of love? Paris it was!

Last Friday we jumped in the car and drove to Paris in less than six hours. I am lucky that my aunt lives in Paris, so we could sleep with her. Also so nice, because I don't get to see her that often. A good combination between a business trip and family visit!

For all our collections and jewelery we think it is important that we create something personal and unique. We design all our jewelry ourselves, but to come up with new collections it is important to get inspired. Now this can of course be done in many different ways, but because Suus and I were now abroad together, we decided to look at different jewelry shops to simply get some inspiration. Paris also has no shortage of beautiful photo spots, so we were able to shoot some new content for our social media channels.

Sacred Coeur
In addition to working, we naturally visited the most important hotspots, although we quickly came to the conclusion that 2.5 days, of which one day in the city itself, is much too short. Our first hotspot was the Sacre Coeur, the great basilica. When we arrived Suus saw the stairs we had to take to get there, and she actually wanted to turn around. But the French croissants had to come off, so I persuaded her to go anyway. ;) Once upstairs and inside the basilica, a service was taking place, and in the meantime we were able to marvel at how beautiful it was inside.

The Eiffeltower
The Eiffel Tower cannot be missed during a city trip to Paris. During the day it was cloudy and raining, so we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower in the evening, so that we could look at the beautiful lights. We had already heard from my aunt that the lights were turned on every hour. And nothing could be further from the truth: with the lights on, the Eiffel Tower really is a very romantic place.

Pick pockets
Paris, and indeed all major cities, are known for being pickpockets. We experienced this ourselves. When we were waiting for our subway we saw two men, who walked together talking and then dispersed. After a while, three women joined the group. They kept coming together to whisper something and then disperse again. They then went looking for a victim, where they then stood very close behind. When we looked at them they stopped their attempt, but no doubt about it that as soon as we got on the subway, they just moved on. Bizarre that there is just pickpocketing in front of you.

And that's not all we've been through. And coincidentally we captured it on video! Soon we will share the video with you, so stay tuned! Despite everything, it was a very nice trip, and Paris still remains one of my favorite cities.



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