7 tips to get the things in your luggage neatly on a trip

The holidays have started and that means taking trips for many people! City trips, a week in the sun, a distant journey to Asia or another continent: it's all possible in the summer. Holidays are usually accompanied by a slight packing stress. Clothing, make-up, shower items, underwear, bikinis, jewellery: everything must be taken with you. Everything is crammed into the suitcase and when you arrive at your destination you hope that everything is just as neat as before packing. But how can you get your stuff neatly to your final destination? In this blog you will find 7 tips!

  • Roll up your clothes: rolling up instead of folding not only gives you more space, but also ensures that your clothes stay tidy and less likely to crease!
  • Use packing cubes: with the help of packing cubes you can organize your suitcase. For example, fill one with socks, one with shirt, and so on. You can get packing cubes here .
  • Put valuables in your hand luggage: did you know that 3000 suitcases are lost every hour worldwide? Therefore, keep valuables with you in your hand luggage.
  • Put your heaviest things on the side of the wheels: if you put the heavy things at the top, your suitcase will fall over faster and it will press on your other things at the bottom.
  • Put fragile items such as perfume bottles in woolen socks.
  • Put a scented sachet in your suitcase: everyone likes fresh-smelling clothes. Therefore, put a scented sachet in your suitcase and prevent your clothes from smelling musty!
  • Last but not least: use a travel case for your jewelry so you don't get it tangled. For example, this one by Juna Amsterdam. Don't have time to order it anymore? Then go for a pill box or screw box. Simple as that!

With the above tips you can take your belongings with you on a trip in your luggage. Less stress is a better start to your holiday anyway!

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