Lunar Wolff

Stone of Love - Rose Quartz Ear Hoop


"If it's meant to be, it will be."

When you wear the Stone of Love it opens your heart to all types of love.

Especially for those who:

  • Need to be reminded to love themselves and that they are loved by others.
  • Having (had) a difficult time in the field of love.
  • Wanting to give a sign of appreciation and love to the other.


    This earring is delivered per 1 piece. Each piece of jewelry comes with a card with the meaning of the gemstone on it. The Rose Quartz Ear Hoop is a Stainless Steel earring with small gemstones attached.
    The stone has a special meaning for the wearer. Wear it yourself to draw strength from it or give it to someone as a personal gift.

    Important information

    NB! Due to the rough gemstones on the pendant, no piece of jewelry is the same. That makes every piece of jewelry unique and intended for you alone. Each stone can therefore differ slightly in color and shape.

    The specifications

      Article number 380
      Mate Standard
      Diameter 12mm
      Materials Stainless Steel, Gold Plated, Gemstone
      To colour

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