Silver or gold jewelry: what suits you?

When you look at all the people in your area who wear jewelry, you can make a nice division between the people who wear silver and the people who wear gold. But what are you wearing? We at Lunar Wolff think both are beautiful, and have therefore deliberately chosen to offer both gold and silver jewelry. But did you know that there are a number of tricks to see if gold or silver suits you better?

There are a number of tricks to see if gold or silver suits you better.

For example, gold jewelry generally fits perfectly with people with brown eyes, who have golden shades in their hair. Silver jewelry, on the other hand, looks better on people with blue or green eyes, and on people with ash-colored hair.

Another handy trick is to look at your veins in a place where they are easily visible, such as the inside of your wrist or the inside of your elbow. Do your veins seem more blue colored? Then your skin probably has a cool undertone, and silver jewelry suits you better. Are your veins more greenish in color? Then you probably have a warm undertone in your skin, and gold will look better on you. You can also estimate whether your skin has a cool or warm undertone based on your 'tan' after a day of sunbathing. People who burn easily most likely have a cool undertone to their skin, so silver jewelry goes well with it. And do you quickly have a tanned tan? Then your skin probably has a warm undertone, and gold suits you perfectly!

All nice tricks of course, but we still believe that you should wear what you like. Wear it with pride, and everything will look great on you! Are you #teamgold or #teamsilver? let us know!

Lots of love,
Lunar Wolff

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