Silver: what is it really?

Nowadays, silver can no longer be ignored in the jewelry world. Because let's face it, do you know a jeweler or a jewelery shop where no silver can be found? But what exactly is silver?

Silver can be classified as precious metals, and silver was already used as currency before the year zero. At the time, it was also used for jewelery and jewellery, but also for pans, cutlery and plates, and many other products: a multifunctional metal!

"Silver is a multifunctional metal."

Silver was already found at the beginning of civilization. Silver is often found close to the surface of the earth, so it was encountered and used early on. Silver was often associated with the moon, the sea and various gods. They also soon discovered that silver turned out to be easily meltable, so that different shapes could be made of it. This gave the opportunity to process it in many different products.

Today, silver is still one of the most widely used raw materials. It is mainly mined in Mexico, Peru, USA, Australia and Chile, and in several places in Europe. Silver is very suitable for making electrical and electronic products because of its good electrical conductivity. In addition, silver reflects very well, which is why silver is also used for mirrors. The fact that silver shines beautifully makes this raw material still suitable for processing in jewellery. Did you also know that silver can be reused? You too can do this! Google 'hand in silver' or 'reuse silver', and check where you can do this!

"Lunar Wolff uses 925 sterling silver: what is 925 sterling silver?"

At Lunar Wolff we use 925 sterling silver . Pure silver has a content of 999 and is too soft to process into jewellery. By adding an 'alloy', such as copper or another metal, a substance is created from which your jewelry can be made! An alloy of 925 consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper.

All in all, we can say that silver is a multifunctional metal, which makes us very happy: it stays beautiful for a long time, and by polishing it you can make all your silver jewelry completely shiny again! Keep shining! ✨

Lots of love,

Lunar Wolff

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