Behind the scenes: photo shoot new collection

After months of hard work, it's almost time: next week, on Saturday 19 October, we will launch our new collection. This collection consists of rings - by far the most requested product by you. What these will look like is still a secret for a while, but more soon! Before a new product comes online, it is always preceded by a photo shoot. The same goes for the rings. In this blog you can read all about how such a shoot is done!

It was the first time that we did a content shoot where we used a studio instead of another location. And that turned out to be a good choice, because it was gray and cloudy all day, and it rained all day. It's nothing new, by the way, because I think that's been the weather for the past three weeks. Nevertheless: bad and gray weather is not very conducive to your photos, so we chose a studio for this drizzly Sunday, and that was perfect.

Rings are small pieces of jewelry that are placed on mobile fingers, which makes it a challenge to portray them properly and beautifully. This helped us choose a studio, so that the environment did not distract too much from the already not too large product. For this shoot we chose The Singel Studios in Amsterdam. This is located on the Singel, and is a very nice location with a high ceiling. There is enough equipment available, and the people who work there are very nice and helpful. Recommended!

And of course a shoot is nothing without models, so for this shoot we were once again allowed to work with two mega handsome models: Eugenée (bottom photo) and Floor (top photo). Perhaps Eugenee looks familiar to you, because this was not the first time we worked together. She also modeled for our Power of Letters collection, check out the video of this shoot here. The second model was Floor, and I don't think we need to tell you why we chose her. Movement and posing is key during a shoot, and we were lucky that both Eugenée and Floor naturally ensured that they looked beautiful on screen. Working with them is a party, and we are very happy with the end result.

Next week, Saturday 19 October, we will finally launch our new collection, but you can already find a number of sneak peaks of the new collection and the shoot on our Instagram and Facebook. Follow us there and stay tuned: it's gonna be lit!



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