A new challenge for Carlijn

Today is the day that Carlijn officially says goodbye to Lunar Wolff (SAD!). The three of us have been running Lunar Wolff since 2018: Carlijn, Suzanne and me, Isabelle. The division of roles became clearer and we became more and more attuned to each other. In 2019 we let Lunar Wolff grow further, and Lunar Wolff really feels like our baby. But sometimes you have to take new paths when you notice that you need it, no matter how difficult that choice is. And that's what Carlijn did: she opted for a new challenge and - as unfortunate as we think it is - she will stop working for Lunar Wolff. Why? She shares that with you in this blog!

“I have been through a lot in the past year. Lunar Wolff has been one big adventure. When I was a little girl I already said that I wanted to start a company later and from 2018 it finally started: I was making my dream come true. Working on branding, marketing, photography, video, social media has taught me a lot. Gaining practical experience has been the best learning path I could wish for. I have grown not only professionally, but also personally. Working with different people and taking on new projects helped me express myself creatively and professionally. In addition, I have gained confidence to believe in my own creations. Largely thanks to the support of Ies and Suus.

Besides the fact that I got a lot of motivation and energy from Lunar Wolff, it could also be difficult. The people close to me have noticed that it also caused me stress. Partly because we are so perfectionist. In recent months I have been more consciously making choices in my career and looking for where I get my energy from. One of those things for me is creating content and telling special stories (on a visual level). Although I was able to do that at Lunar Wolff, I noticed that I needed to broaden my horizons. I am grateful that I have been able to develop to this point at Lunar Wolff, but I hope to find even more challenges in new areas elsewhere. By delving into other branches, I hope to find out what suits me best. I found it difficult to make this decision, because to be honest: it feels a bit like I'm leaving my baby behind.

I want to thank Ies and Suus for the past year. You have always supported me in everything I do and taught me to believe more in myself. In addition to the experience I was able to share with you, I also gained two close friends. Lunar Wolff will always be an important period in my life and I can't wait to see it grow further. And not to forget: thanks to all customers, followers, family and friends for all the support! I really appreciate all the warm and positive messages I received via Lunar Wolff or privately!

Now it's time for a new chapter. Do you want to keep following my work? Check me out via my Instagram account @bycarlijnhaveman or www.carlijnhaveman.com .

XX Carlin”

Dear Car, thank you for everything you've done for Lunar Wolff. Partly because of you, Lunar Wolff has grown a lot. You know how much confidence we have always had in your work, and we will continue to do so. Believe in yourself, because you really can! Even if it's not with Lunar Wolff, you'll get there!



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