Everything that goes into starting a business

Although the new companies are popping up like mushrooms today, it is not the reality to think that you can easily start a business just like that. When starting a business there are a lot of things that you could not have foreseen in advance. The start, of course, lies with an idea for a service or product that you want to bring to the market. We noticed that more and more jewelery was put on the market that is sensitive to trends: they are bought quickly, and just as quickly thrown away. We wanted to bring back the jewelry with meaning. Jewelery is special, and how beautiful is it if there is a meaning behind what you wear. In this way, jewelry becomes more valuable and you also want to wear it longer. In addition to an idea, a team is also important: you have to make the choice whether you are going to embark on this adventure alone or whether you are going to do this together with someone else or others. When you have a team and an idea, it is important to test your idea. Is there a real demand for the product or service or was it just an assumption?

If your idea and your team are solid, and you have written a good and realistic plan for how you will work, a number of practical matters come into play: how are you going to finance it? Which legal form do you choose? If you have arranged this and you have registered with the Chamber of Commerce, you can, in principle, get started. But this also starts a difficult phase: you have to build and expand your company and this takes time and energy. A thriving company has not started itself, a lot of time and energy preceded it. In addition, a company always continues, so even when you are not available or when you are asleep. You are responsible for what happens to your business at all times, and you just need to be able to handle this pressure. We believe that it is important that your own company starts from a sincere passion for a product or service (or a mega gap in the market of course ;)). Our company originated from passion: all three of us have a huge passion for jewellery, and this also ensures that we enjoy developing more products and want to further expand our company. Only if you really have passion for what you do every day, it is possible to keep it up for a long time.

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Or not at all? We are curious about your stories! Let us know in the comments!

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