The story behind Lunar Wolff

hey you,

Welcome to our very first blog! We are Lunar Wolff, a jewelery brand from Amsterdam, originated from two ambitious entrepreneurs with a great passion for jewellery. We, Suzanne and Isabelle, always dreamed of having our own collection, and this dream is now coming true! We saw a need for personal jewelry with a meaning , and this is what we want to offer. Nowadays, a lot of jewelery is sensitive to trends: they are quickly bought and just as quickly thrown away. Lunar Wolff jewelry is of good quality , you can wear it for a long time. In addition, we offer personal jewelry with a story .

We stand for diversity and want to make sure that everyone finds the piece of jewelery that suits him or her, or the person to whom the jewelery is given as a gift . Lunar Wolff jewelry is jewelry with a personal meaning, which is worn with pride . They are meant to give you more power !

The collection will continue to expand in the coming months, but our first collection is all about gemstones . Did you know that each gemstone has its own power and effect ? We start with four different gemstones: the rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarine and carnelian. Do you want to know which stone suits you best? Stay tuned and keep an eye on our blogs, then you will soon know everything about the different stones.

In our blogs we take you into the world of jewelry, and we will give you a look behind the scenes of our company. Do you have more ideas or do you just want to comment? let us know!

lots of love ,

Lunar Wolff

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